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Health Care Subsidies

THE NEW YORK TIMES – Sept. 22, 2018 – John Morrison, a founder of the Montana co-op, said, “The Trump administration’s decision on cost-sharing payments was the latest in a long line of political decisions made in Washington that fell hardest on new entrants to the insurance market.” Some decisions by Congress and the Obama administration, he said, were also “detrimental to co-ops” — nonprofit health plans that were supposed to increase competition. View More Ruling on Health Care Subsidies Could Prove Costly for Government WASHINGTON — A federal court ruled this month that a Montana insurer is entitled to […]

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How a mom became target of a neo-Nazi troll storm

CNN – By Mallory Simon and Sara Sidner, CNN – Updated 12:37 PM ET, Tue July 11, 2017 “I hope the result is that we get fair compensation for the Gersh family, that we punish Andrew Anglin and the people who are associated with him in this circle of terror,” SPLC co-counsel John Morrison says. “And beyond that, my hope is that we wind up convincing him to stop.”  More info.

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Montana Health CO-OP

Testifying in Congress today about how CO-OPs have already saved American consumers and taxpayers several billion dollars through lower premiums and related subsidies, while adding competition, innovation and choice. In 2013, Montana’s average health insurance premiums were 18% lower than the average in Wyoming. In 2015, with Montana Health CO-OP in the picture–and no health CO-OP in Wyoming–average rates in Montana are 40% lower than in Wyoming.  More info…

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ACA co-ops cut prices

USA TODAY – Phil Galewitz, Kaiser Health News Published 6:02 a.m. ET Dec. 6, 2014 Kudos to our health CO-OPs across the country. They are changing the game by taking out the profit and putting consumers in charge. US consumers and taxpayers are already saving billions as a result. Sometimes disruption is a good thing!  More info…

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Game Changers

Enjoyed presenting today at Harvard’s School of Public Health about Early CO-OP success. Nearly 400,000 Americans have enrolled in CO-OPs in 23 states and millions are paying lower premiums because of CO-OP competition. Thanks to Prof. Katherine Swartz for inviting me to speak.  More info…

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Small Health Insurance Co-Ops Seeing Early Success

NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO – April 2, 20143:53 AM ET – Heard on Morning Edition – Montana featured this morning on NPRs Morning Edition story about health CO-OPs. Thanks to reporter Eric Whitney for this excellent coverage. “The co-op states have 8.4 percent lower premiums, on average, than [other states] across the marketplace,” says Morrison. “So co-ops are creating that competition. They’re keeping rates down in the states they’re operating in.”  More info…

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Court blocks top-two primary referendum from appearing on 2014 ba

INDEPENDENT RECORD – Chuck Johnson  – Mar 25, 2014 – The Montana Supreme Court ruled in our favor today and struck LR-127 from the 2014 ballot because the title was unlawfully long. There will be no “jungle primary” in Montana. Thanks to our clients, MEA-MFT, Montana AFL-CIO, Montana Public Employees Association, Montana Human Rights Network and AFSCME for challenging this referendum.  More info… ————————— The Montana Supreme Court on Tuesday blocked the state from placing a legislative referendum on the November ballot that, if passed, would greatly change how the state’s primary elections work. By a 6-1 majority, with Justice Laurie […]

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Health Care Law Fails to Lower Prices for Rural Areas

THE NEW YORK TIMES – By Reed Abelson, Katie Thomas and Jo Craven McGinty – Oct. 23, 2013 – Montana Health CO-OP featured today in the New York Times. CO-OPs are holding down rates. Rates are 9% lower in CO-OP states. Without them, rates are still high in rural states. “If co-ops are the game-changing, paradigm-changing force that we hope and expect them to be, they will permanently drive down rates,” said John Morrison, the president of the board of the National Alliance of State Health CO-OPs, which recently released a study concluding that premiums were lower in states with co-ops. […]

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