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Mavericks: The Lives and Battles of Montana’s Political Legends

by John Morrison and Catherine Wright Morrison

The lives and careers of Montana’s political giants, Joseph K. Toole, Ella Knowles, Joseph M. Dixon, Thomas Walsh, Jeannette Rankin, Burton K. Wheeler, James E. Murray, Mike Mansfield, and Lee Metcalf are inextricably interwoven with Montana political history. Their careers were launched and their values were hewn by a state rich with populism, progressivism, and activism. At a time when Americans search for reasons to reinvolve themselves in government, the stories of these nine politicians remind us of the qualities that underpin effective leadership. This is essential reading for Montanans, those interested in the dynamics of politics, and general readers wishing to gain a greater understanding of our nation’s political heritage as exemplified in the lives of nine dedicated individuals.